jinger87 (jinger87) wrote in bad_service,

I don't know if I just caught her on a bad day, or what.  But today I was checking out at the store, and I was pulling the money I needed out of my wallet.  I was picking the change out of my wallet so that I could get rid of some of it, and as I picked through it, I put it on the counter.  I finally picked out all 24 cents, and then dug through the billfold part for the five-dollar bill, putting it on the counter with the rest of it once I had found it.

The cashier just kind of looked at me, and I wasn't quite sure what was wrong, or what was going on.  So I scooted the money towards her, because I wasn't sure if she was blind and hadn't seen me put the money down, or dumb, or what.  She then rolled her eyes, and then scooted it back towards me.  I seriously had no idea what was going on or why she didn't want my money, so picked it up and tried handing it to her.  Apparently that did the trick, and she took it and rang it up.  

I don't know if refusing to take my money counts as bad service, but it sure is irritating.
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