xnaivetex (xnaivetex) wrote in bad_service,

the doctor/sickness post reminded me of this

I haven't had any luck finding a good primary physician, so I've kept relying on walk in clinics for the few times I've needed them. I go to the same one that houses the doctor as my last bad_service rant, wherein he told me that pregnant women don't need prenatal care at all and refused to give me the referral to a prenatal clinic, but I just avoid him and request the other doctor on duty. Heh. (PS - I am now nearing 6 months pregnant and doing great at the clinic, so yay.)

Anyways, I went to the walk in clinic about 2 weeks ago. I had spent 2 days with my asthma really acting up, so I knew what was coming. My asthma only acts up when there's something else triggering my lungs, either bad allergies or the starts of bronchitis. I gave it a few days thinking it might be allergies because of the changing of the weather. With allergies it's just snow mold in the air that aggravates me, I sneeze a lot and I get short of breath, so when I woke up one morning and I could feel a huge pressure in my lungs like they were full, I was having problems breathing and I could feel myself wheeze both on the way in and the way out, I knew right away what it was. I was born with undeveloped lungs, spent a large portion of my childhood in the ER, and even though my lungs are 90% better now, I still get bronchitis a lot. I can tell when it is bronchitis because I get it about 4-5 times a year, and it sucks, but if it goes untreated my lungs aren't strong enough to get rid of it.

So I went into the doctor, I explained all that, told him I knew it was bronchitis as I've had it a zillion times before. He listened to me breathe. Then told me it was..

acid reflux. Because I'm pregnant, so it must be that. I told him I've had heartburn before too and I know this isn't it, I'm not feeling nauseous, it's not acid reflux, it's my lungs, and he shakes his head, says "No it's just heartburn, take some tums and it'll get better". Then walks out.

So the next morning when I wake up and I'm struggling to breathe at all I go in, wait another 2 hours for a doctor, and he listens to me for a second and says "yeah it's bronchitis, pretty bad too" and gives me a prescription as well as 2 new asthma inhalers so I can breathe.

I was pretty mad at the first doctor, I really dislike sitting for 2 hours to have a doctor with no clue what he's talking about tell me that I can breathe just fine that I'm just a little pukey. Or something.

I can't wait until I find a good family physician so I can stop playing russian roulette and sometimes getting a great doctor, and other times getting stories like these.

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