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I knit.  I like to knit.  I find yarn shopping a pleasurable experience.   Most times.

My dh left for Europe on Sunday so on Saturday, I took the chance to run to town for a few last minute things for his flight, and decided to run into Hobby Lobby to pick up a few things to start while he is gone these next 2 weeks.

They had the 50% off of knitting needles and accessories  sale going, and the location was right by where I had to no biggy.


The cashier was RUDE to me and totally screwed up my purchase! The needle and the stitch markers she rang up full price, and didnt give me the sale price on the ONE ball of Sugar & Cream I bought too. My total was over 9 bucks, and I asked her..."Wasnt this 50% off?"

She looked at me, checked the flyer taped to the counter, actually sighed, and said..."Yeah, I guess you want a adjustment dont you?"  as she smacked her gum and look terribly put out that I asked for the correction. 

Ummm..yeah I do. Its only 4 bucks in the grand scheme of life, but four bucks is four bucks! I hate when people get all put out cause THEY messed up! And I thought honestly, I was pretty nice about it!

It wasnt till I signed the refund slip and walked out to my truck that I noticed that the S&C was listed as $1.49 instead of $1.19 like the flyer said.

While this may not big the biggest pile of bad service, I think it was pretty crappy. 

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