empress i (silverpatronus) wrote in bad_service,
empress i

my first ever post here

This was a witnessed bad service, I suppose not terrible, but still bad enough.

So I flew into Miami from the Caribbean yesterday, on American Airlines. Bad service all the way, but the part that stuck out was when a lady travelling alone, who must have been about 50 or so, asked one of the (male) flight attendants to help her lift her bag into the overhead. She asked him very politely. He refused. His excuse? 'Ma'am, I just can't, I just worked the incoming flight and I'm too tired to lift that.' She told him he was in the wrong job then. His response? A sarcastic 'thanks, I'll tell my boss', then he flounced off on her. Another passenger helped her with her bag.

I'm sorry, is it really too much to expect that the people who are paid to help you on flights actually...help? I understand tired, but it's not like the bag was insanely heavy or it would have taken a long time to lift it into the overhead. It was 10 seconds of his time, which he is being PAID for.
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