christine (cme2694) wrote in bad_service,

I hate the post office.

My husband and I moved on Monday, April 30th. There was a possibility that we could move in over the weekend if the old tenants moved out sooner, but we wouldn't know until that week. Because of that, I didn't change our addresses until April 25th.

On Thursday, I had a package mailed to me. I was tracking online, hoping that it would get to me by Saturday and before the move, but had no such luck.

Monday: After the move, I check the tracking and it says the package was delivered! Sweet! I call up one of my old neighbors and ask them to run down to the entryway and grab it. He says it's not there. He also says that there isn't a note or anything left.

Tuesday: When I get to work I call the post office. I speak to Ms. Gibson and explain that I did move and that the package was not delivered to either my old apartment or my new apartment. She takes down my information and checks in the back. When she comes back to the phone, she tells me that it is not in the back and that it must have been delivered like the tracking says. But she also tells me that she'll talk to the carrier and that she'll call me back when she knows - but warns me that it won't be until 6pm or so when the carrier is done with his route.

Wednesday: After no call from Ms. Gibson Tuesday night, I called back on Wednesday morning. She tells me that the carrier said that he DID deliver it and that if I didn't get it that I should talk to my neighbors and to come in and file a complaint at the post office. She also stated that he is a very reliable carrier, and I didn't want to get into it with her, but this is the same carrier who will just throw my Netflix movies on the floor rather than in my box and is the carrier who inspired this post.

I go into the post office Wednesday after work (to wait in line forever, but that's not the point of this post!) and speak with Paul. Tell him the whole story, he again takes my name, address, and tracking number and disappears into the back. Comes back five minutes later and tells me that he tracked it online and it did say that it had been delivered at 1pm, but then after that it said that notice had been left. Uh, what does that mean? He has no idea. Asks if the package weighed more than two pounds because then the carrier wouldn't take it and a truck driver would come by later and deliver it. I mention, yet again, that a very reliable carrier says that he already delivered it. Paul tell me to call back on 'Thursday or Friday or so, and see if we've found the package'. Paul thinks that the package is still on the truck, but tells me that it takes a week or two for the change of address to go through the system and that there would be no way it would be delivered to my new address.

Friday: I waited until Friday to call because I wanted to give them time to do whatever it is the post office does. I call in the morning and again speak to Ms. Gibson. Remind her of who I am, and then tell her what Paul told me. She takes my information AGAIN, and looks it up for herself. "Huh, I did see that notice had been left, but I didn't look at the times. Maybe it wasn't delivered!" Tells me that her supervisors name is Andre and that he'll be in around noon.

Noon comes around and I call back. I should have the post office on speed dial, I swear! Fill him in on the whole story. He takes all of my information and looks it up online. Does the whole, "Hmmm, well that's odd!" He says that there is nothing he can do at the moment since both the carrier and the truck driver are out, but if I call in on Saturday morning at like, 7:30am, both the carrier and the driver will be in the office and he can pull them both over and ask them what's up. I am so not looking forward to being up at 7:30am on a Saturday, but I really want my package. I thank him and tell him I'll talk to him tomorrow.

I call my husband as I'm leaving work. He had taken a half-day at his job and was already home. "Guess what was sitting on the porch as I came home? YOUR PACKAGE!"

It's not totally bad service in that I got my package in the end, but to have three workers, one being a supervisor having NO IDEA what's going on is insane! I thought that by moving we'd have a new post office, I guess we just didn't move far enough away.


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