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I found this to be bad_service, but has become good_service with my new solicitor.

When I was 15, I made it clear to my mum that I was unhappy with having my dad's surname for certificates and legal documents, and wanted to officially change to hers.

We contacted a local solicitor, who I will call Abby and explained that both I and my younger brother Affy wanted name changes. Three days later we meet with her, and in the course of the meeting make it very clear that we have not spoken to my father in almost twelve years. This figure is repeated a stupid number of times, but Abby tells us that both me and my 13year old brother will be able to change our names.

Money changes hands, depols are written and signed, things become 'official'. Schools are informed, and as a result examination certificates and the like are moved to the new name.

Then two years later, Affy applies for a passport.

We are then (very rudely) told that his name change is not official. The fact that my father didn't sign it makes it null and void

So we go back to the solicitors. Abby has moved to a new practice, they'll try and find someone else who works for them to sort this mess out. This is in November.

MARCH rolls around and all we've had is a polite "found you someone, but shes in London on VERYBIGTOPSECRETCASE and will get back to you" and a very close relationship with the answerphone.

So I go in. And I wait, and I wait, and nearly an our later am told that NewGirl is off sick.

So next day, Mummy goes in. NewGirl is in, but busy.

Fine. I want to speak to a partner.

Oh! She's free now!!

Mummy explains the case, and NewGirl tells us that Abby should have under no terms completed either depol.

She arranges for me to go in, as I can now as a legal adult, and says we'll have to wait to sort Affy out.

Thats okay, until she tells us that we will need to PAY for the depol. Again. Even though its not our fault its messed up?

Mummy refused and spoke to Partner. Partner says her hands are tied, what can she do. Mummy threatens legal action. Partner thinks.

I'll find you another girl, and we'll redo them both for free. If Affy waits until he turn 16, all will be fine, and I'm okay right now.

So we wait to hear from NewNewGirl(Beth).

April is strolling by, with nothing.

Mummy is getting veryunhappy.

Beth calls on the 26th of April. Drafts of my depol are in, and if we come check them, she can write it all properly and sort me out, she's sorry about everyting but her case load has been horrific. We went in, and she was SOOOO lovely, giving us the draft for Affy's too, so that can be done very shortly after his birthday.

I'm off to sign the papers tomorrow and officially change my name! YAY!!! :D

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