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Bad service which will hopefully turn to good service

This needs a bit of background first. I live in an apartment and the girl who lives next to me owns a cat. She pratically never cleans out its litter box. I've looked after her cat a few times when she goes away for a long weekend and the smell is awful. I've talked to her about it but she can't smell it (probably because she's lived with it for so long). It's that time of year when people are ending their leases and other people are moving in. This means that the landlords are showing apartments for this month. I've been away for a week (taking my two cats with me) and I come back to find this note on my door (cut for tl;dr):

"If the reason the top of the stairs and the hallway smells like cat piss ammonia litter boxy yucky poo poo kaka pee pee is not your fault because your cat's litter box is clean, then please ignore this note. If your litter box needs cleaning, please spank it now. I was showing an apartment today with a soon-to-be grad student and his parents, and as we hit the top of the stairs, both parents made looks of disgust. I felt like an idiot. I doubt I will ever hear from those people again. Again, I'm very sorry for even making you read this note if your cat's litter box is clean, but I didn't want to knock on doors and figured this note would be less intrusive on your privacy. Thanks for your help."

I'm annoyed by this note for several reasons: 1) The first few sentences are unprofessional and insulting. I'm not a three year old. 2) My cats and I haven't been here for a week so they haven't had the opportunity to make the place smell. To be frank, I'm a bit fanatical when it comes to cleaning the litter box. I can't stand the smell of ammonia so I scoop whenever the cats use it and put in clean litter regularly. I'm also annoyed at myself for not reporting that girl to the landlord. We've got a maintainence guy that lives across from her and I figured that he would have done something about it. I'll chalk that one up to a learning experience and I'll know to complain next time.

The guy that left that note came to my apartment today to show it. This is not good since I extended my lease and was told that only available apartments would be shown. It turns out that the landlady I talked to hadn't told this guy that I was staying. That was annoying to deal with since I had to explain it and since I wasn't expecting anyone I was about to go get a shower! It's a good thing I wasn't in it at the time because the guy knocked once and then opened the door. He didn't even wait for me to answer.

I later met him in the local diner and he complained to me about the student that was with him. Apparantly the student wanted to see several rooms and was with the guy for two hours. I'm not entirely sure it's appropriate to complain about potential residents to current ones but that's not what I'm concerned about. He then told me that he was looking forward to going home because he was hungover! What the heck is someone doing getting so drunk during the week that they show up to work hungover?

I called the landlady to complain about the note and to confirm my extended lease. I didn't tell her about the hungover part because it slipped my mind when I was complaining about the note. She was amused and embarrassed at the same time concerning the guy's note and his lack of knowlege about my lease. She apologized and said that she'd talk to him when he got back. I'm not sure if she will or not. I do feel better after talking to her though. I don't know what to expect. All I really want is an apology about the unprofessional nature about the note and an acknowlegement that the smell was not my fault. Is this reasonable? Am I overreacting? I really hope not. I wasn't aggressive when talking to either person and tried to keep my tone friendly.
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