Misty (krazydiva) wrote in bad_service,

Not quite bad service but...

I'm not sure if this falls under the catagory of bad service, but definetly bad management.

Our local Krogers has recently promoted a young guy to shift manager. While I was checking out, this young manager picks up the phone and yells over the loud speaker, "Jenna, get back to your register now". She was literally only a few feet away. When she got there, he says loudly, for every customer at the front to hear, "This woman says you didn't give her the right change, open your drawer and give her ten dollars" She gave the woman the change and he then said "Now I'm going to count your drawer and if it's short your getting written up".

After I left, I called the store manager and told him that really needs to address that issue. As a customer, I was embarassed for that poor girl. He had no right to talk to her like that, in front of everyone.
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