Jen Laosa (zeepow) wrote in bad_service,
Jen Laosa

Famous Footwhat?

I'm really not a terrible customer to please, but I've noticed that since I work in customer service there are a few things that I look for (not neccessarily expect) when I go shopping somewhere. I don't ask a lot, just to be acknowledged.

So, I have to return a pair of shoes to Famous Footwear because a strap on one of them was broken and I didn't notice it in the store and unfortunately they didn't either when they rang me up. So, it's both of our faults, I can accept that.

So I walk in and I was greeted by this very bored looking guy pushing a cart of shoes around and I made my way over to the counter and a lady asked me very abruptly if I was making a return or exchange. No hello, no what's wrong no thanks for coming in, nope. Nothing. Just "Return or exchange?" So I told her that it's an exchange to which she says "K, leave your bag here and look around." Yikes.

So I find what I need, come back to the counter and the bored guy from earlier asks me if I'm all set, I say yes, he says his manager should be out soon. No problem, I can wait for her/him. But waiting turns into about 5 minutes and bored guy finally pipes up with "Maybe I should go find her.." Yeah, maybe. Probably.

So he disappears and my back is to the manager when she comes around the corner. She doesn't say hi, doesn't ask what's wrong doesn't offer anything just takes my boxes and starts punching buttons on her computer. The only thing she says to me during the entire interaction was a question of if I wanted another bag and I mentioned that one of the shoe was ripped and she asked which one.

I left the store bewildered. Is that service? I mean, really. I don't want much, just a hi.

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