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My husband wrote this letter to Ruby's tonight

My wife called in to your Tustin, CA location tonight and spoke with Tamara C. She wanted to place an order for carry-out to be picked up at a certain time. Tamara asked her to call back because she couldn't remember to put the order in. My wife told her that she could not, in fact call back, and Tamara took the order. My wife told her that i would pick up the food at 6:30 pm. I showed up a little early, and was immediatly told that I shouldn't be there yet and that the order had not been put in. I asked her to please put the order in, paid the bill, and went outside to wait. The manager came out and asked what the problem was. i explained that there was no problem, that I was waiting for my food. Tamara came out and told her manager, "I told his wife that I couldn't remember to put in the order, I don't know why he is mad!" I explained that I was not mad, and simply wanted to get my food and go home. The manager kept asking what I needed to resolve the situation. I finally said "I am finally getting mad because you won't let me just get my food and leave! I don't want anything from you except my food!"

If Tamara can not handle taking an order, she should not be answering the phone. The attitude of Tamara and the manager were horrible. They turned a nice evening into a bad experience with your organization. We will not be visiting the Tustin location again, and suggest that the staff attitude is examined before you lose any more customers.

God! They were awful tonight! X-posted to my journal
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