virginia plain (train_in_vain) wrote in bad_service,
virginia plain

Okay, let me preface this with saying that I'm pretty cool when it comes to customer service. I understand shit happens, miscommunications occur, and people have bad days. I've been on the employee end of it many a time. I'm really ridiculously easy to please.

However, Miss Claire's Employee, I have a bone to pick with you.

I came in to take advantage of the buy two, get one free earring deal, and get a new wallet because my old one was falling apart. I took my time to browse, as I saw that you were getting ready to do a piercing. I gave you about ten minutes, as you were already over at the piercing station when I got there and I saw you preparing and swabbing and sterilizing. Yet when the time came for me to pay for my earrings and wallet, you were still standing there wittering on with the guy who was getting his ear pierced (seriously, dude, I hope your friends never find out you got your piercing at fucking CLAIRE'S) and his girlfriend, and her friend.

I stood there for a good five minutes while you stood there and did everything EXCEPT pierce that dude's ear.

And then you actually looked surprised when the only thing I did was hand you my debit card, sign for the receipt, and grab my bag of stuff without uttering a word.

That's right, just like you did to me! Honestly, would it have been so hard, when you SAW me standing at the register waiting patiently for you to finish, to call over, "Hey, I'll be with you just as soon as I've finished over here"? I would have had no problem with you had you actually done that. But you chose to treat me as though I were invisible.

Jesus. I get treated better at Hot Topic. I think I'll just buy my cheap-ass earrings and hair accessories and stuff from there from now on, despite the fact that they're more expensive, and I feel like a total tool coming in there to buy stupid plastic crap. I'd rather deal with employees who are always friendly no matter how I'm dressed or how busy they are.
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