soldier girl (maude) wrote in bad_service,
soldier girl

Hey MenuFoods lady,

When you say, "What symptoms did your cat have?" and I say, "Well, he had excessive thirst - " don't cut me off with, "So you don't provide him with enough water?"

How dare you imply that I'm a bad pet owner and it's my fault when YOUR company is the one who sent out poison cat food and made him sick in the first place. I fill and clean all three of my cat's water bowls twice a day. You just kill animals.

Ugh. I'm so angry. She was bitchy like that throughout the entire conversation. I know they've got to be having the worst time ever with all this but they sent it out knowing it was poisonous (9 out of 25 cats died in their tests) and I've got absolutely no sympathy for them.

Also, WTF?? $700+ in vet bills and I have to have the original catfood can to get compensation? Sorry, I don't save my trash for three months. I think maybe the fact that kitty lost almost 9lbs in about two weeks should be proof enough that you poisoned him.

Edit: BTW, kitty didn't die so don't worry. :) We have an amazing vet.

Edit 2: I am not a fucking bad owner because I was sold POISON CAT FOOD. I'm sorry, maybe it was a bad choice to buy low-quality pet food, but that doesn't mean I should have it POISONED as a punishment. I have three cats and all are fed a vet-reccomended dry food brand. My vet said it was okay that kitty have 2-3 cans of wet food a month for a special treat. I'm not a fucking bad owner because I bought a treat for my cat, and frankly I find it really, really insulting and hurtful that anyone would blame this on the petowners. Yeah, I wanted to poison my cat and then spend $700+ getting him treated! People are always so quick to blame the consumers in this community. Try going through this with your pet and then call me a bad pet owner. Assholes.

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