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Tribute trouble

(Before I get blasted for having Internet, we GET IT FOR FREE. My husband works for the ISP. I've had to justify this waaaaay too many times before when I complain about debt collectors which is why this little disclaimer has been inserted here.)

Ok. My husband has a Tribute MasterCard. We're really far behind on the payments on it because we are living paycheck to paycheck. Life sucks, but we're making the best out of a REALLY BAD situation. My husband has told them not to call us before 4:30 PM pacific time since that's when he gets home from work. He has ALSO told them that they really need to quit calling and start doing all of this crap in writing.

Now, I got off the phone with ANOTHER Tribute person a few minutes ago. It is 3:00 PM pacific time. She even ADMITTED she knew it wasn't the proper time to call. I wouldn't have a problem with this if it was an occasional occurrence. But they start calling my apartment at 8:30 AM EVERY FREAKING DAY. We get anywhere from two to five calls BEFORE 4:30 PM PST. We have told them time and time again to make a note of this in their system. They are constantly waking up my kids in the morning AND during their nap time. If we don't answer, they keep calling back until we do. I ignored them and got six calls in less than fifteen minutes. I finally blew up when I DID pick up the phone and told them to quit calling.

Today I handed them a final ultimatum: Quit calling before 4:30 PM PST (and since we get calls as late as 8 PM PST I KNOW this isn't THAT difficult to comprehend) or I will notify the Attorney's General office and list them as a nuisance caller. The woman's response? "I'm not allowed to do that if I am attempting to collect on a past due bill." I hung up on her. Yes, I know, that was very rude. But what I intended to say was worse.

I've worked in collections before. My husband does collection calls for the ISP when it isn't really busy in the service department. We both know and understand the debt collection laws. If you are told to stop calling between certain times, or asked to call back at another time, you are legally required to make that notation - if it is a reasonable time...saying call back at 2 AM isn't reasonable but saying "quit calling until AFTER 4:30 PM" is reasonable. I've been polite. I've been rude. My husband has been both polite and rude. I've had it. They call back again, I'm hunting down their number and address and turning them over to the AG's office.
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