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Luxury Hotel? Not so much.

I am writing a letter to Hilton Corporation due to my mediocre experience there.  Now I may seem like a spoiled brat but I decided to pay the 400 plus per night just to stay at this infamous hotel and was so disappointed at the service and accomodations.  What a let down!  Does anyone have anything to add or advise on spicing this up?  Thanks.

To Whom It May Concern:
I have just completed my stay as a guest of The Waldorf Astoria on Park Ave, New York. Being a seasoned traveler of  both business and pleasure, I must say that I was greatly disappointed in the guest services or lack thereof.
Initially, when I checked in, the room I reserved was not available that night. That issue was handled nicely by offering a mini suite in its place. However, the catch was, I would have to move that following morning. If the King size non smoking room was unavailable, I should have been accommodated without having to unpack and repack my things.   I told the desk I would be fine staying in the smoking mini suite my entire stay but that was unacceptable apparently.
When I arrived at my room, I was very unimpressed with the accommodations. The towels were of Howard Johnson quality as were the complimentary toiletries. The remote for the television had missing buttons and the hair dryer did not work.
In addition, there was very rarely a doorman on duty to hail taxis and more times than not, I found myself walking to 49th Street and hailing my own.
After my stay, I had a late flight so I left my luggage in the room, went down to check out and asked my luggage be held. I was ordered back up to the room to wait for the bellman to pick it up. I have had countless hotels simply pick up my luggage after giving me a receipt for the number of bags and hold it and yet the Waldorf Astoria can’t handle that? Don't tell me that it was a liability issue because the hotel had no problem going into my room and moving all my belongings to another room not two days before.
Upon returning to the hotel later that afternoon to pick up my luggage, I handed the slip to the bell captain and was direct downstairs to pick it up myself. When I requested it be brought up I was informed “we don’t do that”. No assistance was offered as I struggled with my three bags out to the curb.   When I inquired about printing a boarding pass I was directed to the business center and was told there was a charge! The gentleman then directed me back to the concierge who could do it complimentary. Why I wasn’t directed there initially is beyond my comprehension?  Why do you charge for boarding passes to be printed anywhere in the facility as this is a standard service every other hotel I have stayed in that accomodates the business traveler.
Perhaps the Waldorf management feels it doesn’t have to bother with exceptional guest service due to its history and name. I personally choose the hotel over countless others for that very reason. However, I had expected a luxury hotel and that is certainly not what I found. 
I am a frequent guest in Manhattan but will find better accommodations on future visits. Better than the Waldorf seems to be an atrocious statement. Pity that it won't be too hard to find.
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