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Why must you be so rude?

I found this community just today, and I swear it's something of a "blessing". Because today, I had a telephone experience that I just *have* to share. It all starts 3 weeks ago, when I realized that one of my very last disposable contact lenses had ripped. So I call the company (major retail chain found in malls) and request new ones. They inform me that yes, my insurance will still cover it. I order a 6 month supply (same amount that my insurance will cover) and they say that there is no problem, and that yes, they can mail them to me.

My parents call me 3 days later, saying that my eye doctor called and that I have to schedule an appointment as my prescription had run out. I call my eye doctor and contest that prescriptions last for 2 years and it's been a year and a half. She informs me that contacts are different. No big deal. So I call a branch of their chain that is actually in the area I live (I was dealing with the store that was by my parents house from when I used to live there). They inform me of the same thing, and that they no longer take my insurance. They are nice about it and even refer me to a different chain that apparently all my friends have heard of but I live under a rock (or grew up in a different area). I call said chain. They tell me that it will be several weeks before I can get an appointment with one of the doctors that take my insurance. I begrudgingly schedule an appointment during a week that I know I do not have classes or a work schedule to work around. I give them my telephone number 4 times, along with my social security number and my mother's social security number (for insurance purposes).

On the day of the exam, yesterday, I call to confirm and to check up on my insurance. The woman informs me that she "has been trying to get 'a hold' of me" and that I didn't leave a contact number. She rudely tells me that I need to reschedule because the doctor isn't coming in today (yesterday). I tell her that I purposely scheduled the appointment during a time when I knew I wouldn't have other obligations, and that it is very difficult for me to get out to the mall because the small suburban community that I'm stuck in doesn't have public transportation. I also inform her that I have been living for 3 weeks with out contact lenses. I am very polite about all of this. She says "okay," and tells me that I have to schedule a new appointment. Three weeks from yesterday. I tell her that this won't be alright, and that if she has to reschedule my appointment, she should make it as soon as possible as they were the ones to cancel the appointment in the first place. She reminds me that I didn't leave a contact number. I tell her I did. FOUR times. It is not my fault if their computer keeps erasing my information. Nor should I have to wait for another 3 weeks so I can see properly. (For those of you keeping count, that's 6 weeks of wearing glasses)

What really got me was the tone the woman was taking with me. As if she were speaking to a child. So, as a child, I called my dad to see if he could make them take me sooner (sometimes it works). They decided they could squeeze me in in 2 weeks. Why couldn't they do that for me? Is it because I'm female? Am I unreasonable for being upset? I'm upset with myself that I couldn't take care of it myself, I'm upset with the company for being so obnoxious, and I'm really mad at that woman for acting as though their company losing my telephone number was my fault and that I have no right to be upset for want to be able to go to my appointment when I made it.
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