Jill (jelloink) wrote in bad_service,

A Bit of Annoying Service

Dear Dairy Queen Girl,

It's really not necessary to titter about how HILARIOUS my order (a strawberry Blizzard, not strawberry cheesequake, just strawberry alone) is. Especially while I'm standing right there staring at you while you laugh that "this is so stupid, it's just like strawberry ice cream!" Uh, yeah, because that's what it is. Much like say, the cookie dough Blizzard is like cookie dough ice cream. The appeal is the soft serve and reasonably fresh strawberries. But I shouldn't have to defend my order to you, because I did not demand something crazy and impossible. You seemed to have no problem scooping the strawberry stuff in and making the Blizzard as per normal, so why the hostility?

I would like to reiterate that you are TWO FEET AWAY, and YES, I can hear you making snide comments about how retarded this whole business of a strawberry Blizzard is. Sweet Jesus, girl, if this is the hardest part of your day, I would love to be you.

Your annoyed customer,

P.S. Luckily my Blizzard was delicious, so you inadvertantly brightened my day. In your face.
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