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Capital One - and my blood pressure

Back-story: I have a small business and a capitol One credit card. I made a poor business decision in late '05 and got screwed on tax returns in 06, and 06 sucked big ones leaving me with part of a bill i couldn't pay except when i had the occasional weekend show go really well in which case i sent in large lump sums. In this I accrued some late fees and finance charges. No problem, my choices led to it I suck em up as a cost of doing business. and in 06 despite the poor income i made some changes that will lead to this years tax return being much better and able to pay off the entire balance with a surplus.

In order for my accountant to do my taxes, he requires the credit card companies year end summary. Its basically an itemization of all my charges for the year categorized. It makes his life SOOO much simpler, we don't have to deal with thermal receipts that have since faded white, and assists me in year end pre-work . However, starting this year they do not automatically send the summary out, which the notification was in a bill that i did not open since i had no way to pay it anyways. Again, my choices, my problem.

It Starts: So on march 7th i call Capital one asking why it hasn't come yet, First rep had no clue what that is, got me a supervisor who did and that's when i found out about the missed notification that i should have called in for it earlier. Sucked to be me, She tells me she can order it but it will take a month to get to me. I let her know my need for taxes and she offers to rush it "if she can"

Not really sucky, they canceled an automatic service, but they did inform (can't say i would have read the insert regardless, but oh well) so they held up their end thus far.

Next Calls: April 13th I called wondering where the thing was, first off i am transferred to collections automatically by the system because its late. This wasn't unexpected, however they DO NOT have the ability to transfer me to customer care. My only option to get information is to call up the customer care # and not put in my account # so that it does not get transferred to them again. I do this and get told they can't send it out because I am in collections!!!!   Get a supervisor who does know better and tells me it will be shipped out on the 16th . . . . Now the 16th is a sunday and I let her know this but she INSISTS that it will be sent out the 16th and if i don't have it soon after to call back.

April 24th(ish): Still no report, I call up and do not enter in my Account # and the rep refuses to help me besides transferring me to collections. I tell him  that my issue was handled by customer care and i need to speak with someone in customer care as collection cannot access the information and if he cannot access the info, please transfer me to his supervisor.  This whole time i attempted to be polite and did not yell, i did get exasperated, but I think its understandable. 
So After I tell him this he 
1.says "ok, i will do that please hold"
2. transfers me to collections.
I admit, right here i raised my voice and told the rep their, they will not take waste my time pursuing collections at this time, until i get my needed summary and they either need to transfer me BACK to customer care or get me a supervisor who will. Supervisor comes on, manages to find the info confirming it is sent, apologizes for the run around saying "This is not how capital one wants to do business" and in a request for compensation for the run around credits me a late fee. I thank her and we end the call.

May 2nd: Ask my roommate if the mail came, no report, call again - *sigh*. I go through the process for customer care, give the rep my number and state that i will be needing a supervisor, and explain why when she asks me. She offers to transfer me to the department that can help me :). I have been here before . . .  When asked she does admit its collection, I explain that they cannot help me, i have spoken to them, and drop the name of the initial manager who was able to help me after i was in collections. After she comes back from a  long hold she tells me that since my account is in collections her supervisor is not allowed to take the call 0.o .  However, this is where i get pissed off, she gives me a URL where i can view it on-line!!!! One deep breath and a calm question of when this service was implemented and she tells me "The beginning of the year".  I then tell her I will be needing to speak with her supervisor now then. She puts me on hold and a woman who sounds a lot like her comes on and says she is a supervisor. Whatever, i had time to do some math and I came up with the following information.
It has been two billing periods since i first called for information, and was not given the most immediate solution available, plus I was well past the time line given for the "Only" available option. In that time i accrued 2 late fees and four finance charges. Totaling all that together  it equals $157.80 and subtracting the late fee already credited leaves $112.80.

Now I think the 157.80-39.00 is fair as it account for the fact that there would be two additional pay periods that i will have to wait before i get the income to pay off the bill. IF the service had not been available when i first called in, then it wouldn't be fair. but instead of likely having my tax return this month and paying off this bill, it will most likely be June before i see it and can pay off the bill. It seems to me that in the end result there would be two months of fees that would not exist had i had the information on my first call.

This supervisor refuses, tells me she won't transfer me to her supervisor and transfers me to a collections supervisor, she can't get past the fact that it hasn't been paid yet and finally i just get another supervisor who get half the story, summarizes the rest and apologizes (granted the rest so far have apologized and admitted they screwed up, just refused to do anything about it) He agrees that I should have been informed two months prior and sees that I would have been possibly paid off two months earlier in the end result and agrees to the credit. and finally lowers my blood pressure.

If I really wanted to be an entitlement ass, i could have asked for fees for my accountant entering a stay of execution, i mean an extension, my hours spent bouncing around after i could have been told about the service, and then if i wanted to be a real ass, i could always claim loss of business, I cannot afford a few shows that would make me money this spring since i need the line of credit to restock, and the one show i did get to do, i couldn't order stock for. Also, this waiting is going to start causing me additional fees in another account, technically i aimed low partially because its all the data i had handy. 

Granted in the end I am getting what i have asked for, I was still jerked around a lot more then i should have been and it will end up costing me a lot more then it should have even with the credits. In general they have had a habit of pissing me off anyways and i would like to find another source for a credit line but its what i have for now, and i need to do some credit repair after the last year before i can get another.  I f i can pull off one more miracle this year i will be set  . . . just don't think the return will have enough to cover THAT.

Canceled an automatic report i relied on
Never told me about a way to get it manually on-line
Takes forever to receive manually ordered report
Severely overdue in mailing manually ordered report
Not "allowing" me to speak to someone who can resolve the reason i called- or even answer questions
Once realizing they jerked me around for two billing periods, refusing to actually do anything about it.


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