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Stupid mechanics! ;(

This is not ground breaking bad_service, but it is enough to leave a bad taste in my mouth.

I know we should have never trusted a claims center but well.. we're trusting people, good thing our parents aren't!

Just over a year ago my fiancee was in a car accident, the front end of our year old truck at the time went "crunnnnnch" and the whole hood buckled, our front bumper cracked, our grill was in a million little peices, our windshield wiper fluid sprayers stopped working. Basically, it sucked ;(

To start off the crappy service, ICBC (insurance) took as long as humanly possible to decide that the accident was only 25% in our fault, we were not going to pay for the repairs until we had a decision as we have heard in the past it is very hard to get reimbursed once you have paid so we held out waiting.

The bad service started when we were sent to the collision center and booked our appointment. We live an hour from the center and we knew that combined with a claim for an attempted break in on our passenger side, we would have 2 weeks with a courtesy car free of charge. We NEEDED this considering we had no way to get home once the truck was dropped off!

We told them this, they told us thats fine and since we booked a month in advance it wouldn't be a problem.

Cue less than a week before the truck was due to go in and they say "Oh.. well we probably won't have a car for you, you'll have to go to the rental place and put down a $200 deposit to get a vehicle".

I'm sorry what? So.. when you told us you WOULD have a car for us, you lied? This was a huge inconvieniece. I had already made sure we had $375 saved up to pay the deductibles and now less than a week later I had to come up with an extra $200? AND a credit card to put it under?

We let them know very nicely that we had made arrangements before hand and that we needed the courtesy car, we could not get around this and they said they would look into it.

Thankfully - they found one.

We picked up the truck yesterday after the center having it for over a week. Problems? A few.

- They left a giant tape mark where they blended the paint on the drivers side door. It will need to be buffed out.

- They didn't finish painting the door handle on the passenger side, you can clearly see a white line around the handle where they "missed".

- There's freaking primer ALL OVER our headlights. Again, has to be buffed out.

- Not only did they not replace the scuffed bumper, when they put it back on - they DIDNT clip it into place so now it flaps in the wind!

- They washed it, then left it to dry with water marks EVERYWHERE.

- See above, we're pretty sure they did this to cover up the fact that all of the paint has the "orange peel" effect to it. They didn't do the job properly!

- Windshield wiper spray? They swapped one, and now the other one that they TOOK FROM THE DRIVERS SIDE and put on the passengers side doesn't work.. duhhhh.. didn't work in the first place guys!

- Our hood is completely out of alignment, one side pops up, other doesn't.

- The bottom section of the bumper that they did replace? Scuffs everywhere. It's as if they let it drag on the floor or piled stuff on it. New?? Yea right!

- They piled parts on my seat, and didn't bother to vacuum up there mess afterwards! ;(

There's a lot more little things, but seriously who the hell worked on our truck!? They did the work sure, but they were so fuckin lazy about it that they missed basically FINISHING IT!

My fiancee had to take it without looking at it as he had a short lunch break and they had already screwed up the paperwork for the deductibles, but we took it to our dad who is a mechanic and his wife who picked over everything, we made a list and we're calling the center back to say "WTF!"

When someone is being paid thousands of dollars to work on something, at least do the bloody work. You make everyone look bad when you try to cut corners, did you think we wouldn't notice!?

I realize we shouldn't have been trusting now. I guess I figured that people would do their jobs and not cut corners at every possible moment, silly me! They also didn't give us copies of the claim sheets, we're going to get those faxed today and go over and make sure they replaced what they should have, and make a list of what they need to fix. I'm sorry but I'm not going to pay to have this all done when they should have done it in the first place! :(

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