Mikazuki (naishinnou) wrote in bad_service,

Bad reporting by the local news

Local news did a segment on how "poor" gas station owners are hit with high fees when customers use their credit/debit cards. The segment pissed me off because the reporter made it seem as if ONLY gas station owners are hit with fees and are the only ones who pay out a lot of money to have a merchant account. So I emailed the news station and bitched them out about how the segment was misleading and that ANY small business that accepts debit/credit cards are hit with those fees and those fees can eat into a business profits. What's more the news segment even made mention how some businesses have to charge more if you use a credit/debit card or give you a break if you use cash. So I also told the news station that ANY business that charges a fee to use a debit/credit card is violating Visa and Mastercard's Merchant Rules.

I hate "news" stations that don't do a good job on reporting "the news". I stopped watching my local ABC station after they did an "investigative" report on illegal beauty salons without actually doing any investigating and just talked to one (legal) salon owner about how people should check to see if the station and the stylists are licensed. Pft, some "investigating."

So come on "news" reporters, don't mislead the public otherwise you're no better then rag mags.
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