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Hey there- first post here in bad_service.

So, I live in Philadelphia- very expensive city to live in. Your average one bedroom apartment runs from $800-$900. I live in a ritzier area, so it's a little more expensive there. It's a company owned building of loft-style apartments, called Tower Investments. I'm paying $1200/mo. It's *ridiculously* expensive for a small 1 bedroom in the city.

The apartment has enormous windows with these hideous blinds that come with the apartment. The previous tenant had custom-made curtain rods and holders made, as well as pretty sheer curtains- about $200. He was very kind and promised to leave them for me. He also installed a bar in the shower for the shower curtain that he was leaving for me, which apparently does not come with the apartment. In addition, he left me toilet paper, tissues, plungers, pictures, etc.

We had called and emailed Norma, the leasing agent for the company (her name is changed for privacy) to make sure that she would keep all of this and note it for when the cleaners came in. We have it documented in writing. I also called a week ago to double check and make sure it was all there- no one called me back. I emailed Norma to double check- she didn't email back.

I came in today to pick up my keys, and they did not have them ready for me. "We thought you were moving May 10th!", they said. I responded that I had planned to move on that date originally, but *a week ago* had called to make sure that I could pick up my keys to the apartment on May 1st, and that everything would be ready. I was assured that it would be, and I could pick them up between 12 and 6.

They tell me that it's my fault that it's not ready because they thought I was moving in later and didn't get the message.

There were no keys made for me, no paperwork set out for me, no code set up for the door- nothing.

But Norma said that she thought the apartment had been cleaned, and I could go check and make sure everything was okay.

When I had seen the apartment the first time, the carpet in the bedroom had a huge tear in it, and I said that it was an absolute must to have it replaced. They had replaced the carpet- but now there was a big black spot in the middle of it. As well as *no carpet* in the walk-in closet! So even when they carpet it, it will have an ugly seam there. I said something about the spot, and Norma didn't seem to think it was a big deal.

Besides that, the hardwood floors were covered in dirt and sawdust. The paint on the baseboards and molding was scuffed and had black scratches on it. When I said something about that to Norma, she said "Oh, that's just the wood." Um, no, it's not.

A knob on the stove had been popped off and was just laying on top of it.

There was a chunk missing from the corner of the kitchen counter.

And the kicker- the custom iron curtain rods, the curtains, the bar in the shower, the toilet paper, tissues, plunger, etc. that we'd requested be saved- were gone.

I was justifiably pissed, and said that they should have been there. And she said "Oh, the tenant didn't leave them. I contacted the painters, the carpeters...they weren't there."

So, I got home and called the previous tenant, who assured me that he HAD left them there, and had dated pictures to *prove it*, as well as a copy of the email we'd sent requesting them to stay.

Called Norma back, who said in a snotty tone of voice: "Well, I don't know what you want me to do. I can't replace them." !!??!! We'd done everything possible to contact them and were *assured* that they would stay. All together this was like $260 worth of stuff! And they're claiming no responsibility and tried to deny that the previous tenant had left them- after all, easier to blame someone they thought I'd never talked to than saying they fucked up.

So, the apartment was NOT in *any shape* to move into, and most of the things that I said were wrong were totally brushed off.

She called the painter and said "Did you paint 215?" He said "Yes." And she said "Oh. Okay." Didn't even ASK HIM about the baseboards or molding!!! And told me "He painted."

WTF! We had been in the apartment TWENTY SECONDS AGO. It was CLEAR that he had NOT.

And they kept blaming me for the fact that the apartment wasn't ready to move into, saying that I'd said I wasn't moving until the 10th. And I said:

"Regardless of when you thought I was going to move in, I began paying you rent for May 1st, as my lease began May 1st. My apartment should have been ready for me to MOVE INTO on May 1st, as I am paying for it right now."

And Norma's response:


Nothing else. No "You're right", no "I'll discount your rent a few days" or apologizing for the stuff missing or accepting responsibility.

Just blaming it on me and saying "Okay".

The previous tenant is justifiably pissed- he wanted to break his lease early, so they made him move out the middle of April because they said they needed those two weeks to have it ready for a May 1st move-in...and that he'd have to pay rent until the end of April. May 1st, and it's not done. So he's out like $500, and he's pissed too. But Tower's response? "Nothing we can do, not our fault."

So, after much protesting on my part, they finally said it would be ready to move into tomorrow morning. But it was like *pulling teeth* for that, and no compensation for all the stuff that they removed (they are still denying, even though they'll have pictures tonight, that they didn't remove it), and the counter will not be fixed.

They were really unhelpful and just had that whole "It's not MY fault, you were supposed to move in later" attitude. (Even though I'd *spoken* to someone about moving in May 1st!!!)

I am pissed as hell. $1200 apartment? It should look *BRAND NEW* on the day my lease starts.


What the hell can I do? None of this stuff was *in the lease*.
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