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Two things.

I work in retail, and I know how customers are annoying, but some people in service are just evil.
The local tv station runs a contest where you can win coffee from the bookstore's coffee shop. You can have any kind you want if you win. The letter says so. A family member of mine won, and a neighbor won (guess nobody sends in postcards but us)(we asked about five people about this) and the manager has been passing off the nasty holiday blend coffees and other flavors that aren't selling, and treating people like crap in general when they win. The coffee is paid for, it's not like we're mooching, and I bought some books during my last trip. She (the manager) treated my family member like pure crap. "This is what I'm giving, and this is what you're getting", really hostile. She almost just decided not to collect her prize.
 One e-mail later to the tv station and a lot of people's asses are in hot water. We laid the smackdown, in e-mail form.
 I used to like to play<a href=>NTN trivia</a> in a Bw-3 restaurant. No matter how much I spent, the manager treated NTN players like garbage. Or anybody. Actually, all he was interested in was groping the female customers and being racist in general.I'm sure you know all the words he used against people when he thought nobody could hear. I'd suggest a different line of work, like donating his body to a medical school.. he took pure glee in using his cordless phone to screw with the "playmaker" frequencies so people couldn't answer questions. Then they hired some burnouts from the coffee shop around the corner, and all those kids did was insult customers and sneak into the alley to set off firecrackers. When I actually said I was sick of being treated bad even though I spent lots of money in there, the dude banned me from there and I heard he wanted to kick my ass. It was really apparent he needed Lithium or something stronger.. I actually moved out of that goddamn town. Bunch of savages there. I was never rude, never messy, never anything but a good customer, tipped the bartender, brought lots of friends to play NTN and eat hot wings, drink beer, but to this guy, I was the scum of the earth. Screw that place. Why have NTN if you hate people who come in and play NTN? Fuck them. Right before I got banned from there I drank a Double Gulp and pissed all over the bathroom floor.That was the only bad thing I ever did. I hope he's happy...

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