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This is more funny to me than sucky-No, I am not ragingly angry or wanting to get someone's job (or thinking someone's job should be gotten :p ) but like I said, it was funny to me so I thought I would share something a bit more lighthearted.
I am in the throes of my finals so I decided to break it up and do some final research at one of my favorite Chinese places while I ate. Its casual, no waitresses, seat yourself. I got some sweet tea, sat down, took a sip and realized no sugar had been added to the tea. I looked up and all the employees looked busy so I was like, ah, who cares and delved into Hitchcockian sweetness.
Another dude comes in and knows one of the employees who is on break. They chat and he goes to get sweet tea and realizes it is not sweet. The employee yells to another employee saying that "you didn't put sugar in the sweet tea AGAIN Rose!" Rose disappears in the back and stalks onto the floor saying "I know I didn't! Sweet tea is bad and they shouldn't be drinking it ANYWAYS"
It was very loud and it was totally a movie moment where the entire restaurant goes quiet and everyone is looking at her with mouths open. She just added the sugar and stormed to the back.
I mean, seriously, yeah sweet tea is bad but you cannot just not make it especially in the south! (I am guessing she was having a bad day :p )

And I know I should have mentioned it because even if I did not care that much they should be notified if something is up with their drinks, but right now if it isn't a woman falling out of a bathtub stabbed to death it just is not registering as important to me :p
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