paintmeyellow (paintmeyellow) wrote in bad_service,

More of a question, really.

So two nights ago was prom... and we had a very large party go to a nice Italian restaurant for dinner. The service was grea, really. The server was pleasant and knew just when to come to ask us if we wanted the next course or more to drink. We had some difficulty with the bill (because some f***ing bastard didn't pay his or her share and wouldn't own up to it... dickhead), but we eventually got it paid. We left the money, ate our dessert, and went back outside to wait for the limo to pull up.

Limo pulls up and suddenly one of my friends is screaming WAIT!! I turn to see our server standing outside the restaurant, looking confused. My friend explains that the server has said we forgot to pay gratuity (automatically added due to our party). Well, I'm about 95% sure we paid it, seeing as we counted the money five times and even had a little extra since we had several waiters/waitresses and thought they were awesome.

Now, the suck was that first of all, I was pretty damn sure we had left enough money.

I'm not sure if we ended up paying more (I decided to be bitchy and not pay any more since I had to help cover the unclaimed dinner), but are you FORCED to pay automatic gratuity? I live in America, and I was always taught that a tip was something you gave when you thought service was excellent. It was, it's just... if we didn't want to leave tip, why would you ask?

I'm sorry if this doesn't sound like a bad_service. I thought it was pretty crappy that they chased us out when we gave enough, and I honestly wondered about the automatic gratuity.

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