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5th & 3rd bank

Oy. After a slight misjudgement on my part (totally accepting responsibility), I noticed that Blizzard's $14.99/mo automatic draft from my bank account was going to overdraft me by about $2.00. I gathered up the cash I had ($3 in change & $2 singles) and went to the bank before 2pm today to deposit it so I didn't get a fee, since the Blizzard thing was still just pending and hadn't overdrafted me yet.

Strike 1: I went inside and got to the teller, a snotty 18-20 y/o who was having a conversation about a co-worker (I'm assuming), who they thought was gay. One choice line I overheard from their conversation was "I don't care if he's gay, he's still freakin gorgeous!" Kay... I don't give a fuck about your gorgeous gay co-workers so TRY to keep your personal conversations to yourself while there are customers standing RIGHT in front of you. I wasn't just waiting in line to be called to the counter either. I was AT the counter and could hear every word of their conversation.

Strike 2: I asked if since I made this deposit before 2pm, would I still have an overdraft charge since the Blizzard thing was still just "pending." She got a snotty little attitude and rolled her eyes at me, and said I would have a fee and the bank wouldn't fix it unless it was their error. Yeah, I accept responsibility for the fee and all because I know it was my fault, but I didn't need the fucking attitude over asking a simple question. I sarcastically thanked her for her help and went home.

I called once I was home and asked for the manager but she was "busy" with a client, so I got her e-mail address and am going to send her one after this entry. I mean seriously, you work at a bank. You're supposed to be slightly more professional than that. Also as of right now the "available balance" on my account shows positive $2.42, whereas before the deposit it showed a negative available balance. So on top of the attitude, she was also wrong.
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