Inle (ohmiette) wrote in bad_service,

So a couple of months ago, there was a pretty bad snow storm, and little to eat in the house, so I decided to order some Papa John's. I've been using the online delivery, and since it was so nasty out I decided to tip 25% straight up (I was using a credit card). I know, it's still kinda crappy of me to have pizza delivered in such bad weather, but I was hungry and they had the service.. but anyways.

The delivery guy gets here around the same time he usually would, and when I come to the door to sign for it he tells me that he was behind 2 other cars and they were all going 30mph, so he deserves a good tip. I'm an anxious person, and I don't know how I let people do this to me, but I run off and get him some more money. He ended up with a 50% tip. I called them to complain a week or so later, and was told by a manager I would be called back, but never was.

It's hard to get that upset about it, as Papa John's is the only pizza I eat, and I can see where he was coming from. But seriously, when is it ever appropriate to ask for a tip?
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