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Less-than-worthy service: Two Stories

The first story took place yesterday. Last night, my friend and I decided to order Chinese. While I was sitting next to him, he made the phone call, telling them what we wanted and that we wanted seperate orders since we were using two forms of payment. I was going to pay in cash.

Some point in the phone call he asks, "I see something here about a free soda..." The lady explains that since our orders were seperate, we couldn't get the free soda. Okay, not a big deal. We wait for the food. It comes, and we approach the delivery guy. He had paid for his food already and it's time for me to pay for mine. I ask for $13 change as I begin to hand him $20.

"No, no! Your order is $7.50 (something like that)." Wondering whose order that could have been (my friend ordered about $10.00 worth of stuff), I suggest that I had only ordered chicken fried rice for $5.25. He tells me that it is for my order.

"My order was only 5.25. Yeah, there's tax, but it shouldn't be that much. I don't understand." My friend grabs a menu and we both point it out to him.

"Oh, it is for a large." I quickly inform him that we did not order a large. He picks up his cell phone and calls back to the restaurant. He hands the phone to me and a lady begins to speak to me.

"You ordered a large!"
"No, we did not. Nowhere in that conversation did anyone say that we wanted a large."
"No! You did not tell me the size when you ordered."
"Okay, so you assumed it was a large even though no one asked for it? Is that what you're saying?"
"No! You asked for a soda and I said you couldn't have it because you ordered seperately!"
"Okay? I don't see how this is relevant."
"You asked for a soda! So I thought large!"

There are a couple of reasons why this didn't make sense. On the menu, it says that for $15.00 worth of food, you get a free can soda. There would have been no reason for anyone to increase the size anyway, since our orders combined would have been more than that amount. Even then, you should tell the customer you are upgrading the order. Also, in the end we didn't get the soda! So, wouldn't you put it back to a small? I explained it to her.

Basically, she gets bitchy and starts hollering about soda. I say, "Okay, that's cool." and hand the guy his phone back. "I don't want it. [friend], you take your food and they can keep my order. I don't want it now."

The delivery guy then tells the lady on the phone, and gives it to me a second time.

"What!? Now you're telling me you don't want it!"
"That's right, I don't want the order. You can keep it. That's not a problem, is it?" she keeps bitching, and I give him his phone back.

My friend takes his order, and we leave. "You have a nice evening." I then order some hot wings from a pizza place :)

This is a smaller story, but some time ago, we went to a Waffle House. We were telling my dad's new wife from the Philippines how good the food is. We hadn't been to this particular location before.

My dad, me, and his wife walk inside. It was crowded, but there were a couple of empty tables. There was a stool open at the front counter, and there was a booth open. It was obvious that customers had just left the booth because it was dirty with a tip sitting on the table. We wait.

One of the boys goes to the table and grabs his tip. He then goes... and stands around idle. Actually, a few people were standing around idle. The rest seemed to be very busy cooking. We figure that someone will be around shortly to clean the table before we sit down.

My dad's wife goes to sit down, and I tell her no. "In America, we don't sit down at a dirty table. They are supposed to clean it first, then we sit down." So, we wait. And wait. Still waiting.

I look at my watch, and ten minutes go by. I look around and I see other minorities being served. So, that probably wasn't the case. "Dad, I think we should just leave." My dad's angry from standing around, so he goes up to the front counter: "Um, anybody going to clean off the table!?" And we leave.
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