_otravez (_otravez) wrote in bad_service,

This is a pretty broad post. It's referring to at least five stores I've been in within the past week.

Employees - I understand that customers suck sometimes. There are whole communities dedicated to it online for you to bitch about your customers. But doing so LOUDLY in front of other customers? Just stop. It really turns me off to shop there when you're two feet away from me talking about how much customers suck, and how you hate all of your customers. And, "God it's like, Wednesday morning... don't these people have JOBSSSS"

I went to the Walgreens I used to work at. The new girl in pharmacy apparently thought it was okay to roll her eyes and sigh every five seconds while dealing with me. I was very polite. All I did was ask for my prescription. That was it. I paid, I took like, two seconds to put away my card. I waited patiently to speak to the pharmacist [who I used to work with].

And yeah, I heard you when out of nowhere you told the pharmacist that I was "hella rude" and "neeeeeded" to talk to her right away. And yeah, I saw your shocked look when the pharmacist greeted my by name, asked me how my new job was, and how everything was going. And yeah, I saw you look embarassed when I sarcastically commented the new staff.

I know customers suck sometimes, trust me, I did the retail thing. But if you act rude to me first, I'm probably not going to be very nice. And if you're standing around complaining about how all of your customers are evil and should die, guess what? I'm a customer. So you think I should die. Great! I really want to put forth the effort to be nice to you now that I know how you really feel.

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