lozbabie (lozbabie) wrote in bad_service,

Bad Service from GE Money

For the past two weeks I've been getting missed calls on my mobile with no messages left. I change my message so that I start it with "If you are calling on a business matter LEAVE A MESSAGE" Have no idea who this could be.

I'm at work on Friday and the woman who takes the business line calls (which is a private number) gets a call for me. Person will only say his name, refuses to say where he's from and won't leave a number for me to call back on. Now I work in a call centre, we're extreemly busy (which she did explain) does he seriously expect me to STOP WORKING to answer a call?

I finally manage to answer the phone when they call me. Its GE Money. Calling to tell me I'm overdue on my personal loan. Now before going on with this story, I completly screwed up, I paid the wrong ammount one week which put me behind. All my fault. HOWEVER, because they didn't leave messages instead of it being five days late (and no late fee) its now SIXTEEN days late and they want to charge me a late fee! if they'd LEFT A MESSAGE when they originally called me I would have paid the next day and avoided the late fee completly.

I asked why there were no messages left on my phone and why they refused to leave a message at my work. His excuse was that GE, as a company don't say where they're from as people will think that they've defaulted on loans. Now, this is a fair enough point but once again HOW THE HELL am I supposed to know to contact them?

I'm paying the bill on Thursday and he's told me I have to pay the late fee then as well, but I'm going to be objecting to this very strongly with the branch. I haven't defaulted on this loan in over two years and as part of my T&C I'm supposed to get courtsey calls to tell me if I'm overdue, which as there was no contact, either through talking to me or leaving messages, did not happen.

I've also had them remove all numbers bar my mobile, as since they can't use them in a professional manner they don't use them at all anymore. Thankfully they have the option to leave notes on there, so if this happens again I WILL have a message left on my phone.
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