Josh (shadowdeus) wrote in bad_service,

Dick liquor store cashier or dick grandpa?

For reasons I won't bother stating here, my grandpa's kind of a dick. Not because he's going senile (I think)...he's just kind of a dick. He was visiting my family this weekend.
After we finished eating some Jimmy John's subs (yum) at a strip mall, he wanted to walk down a few doors to the liquor store. He said he was looking for some really great beer he had tried at a party. Being 18, and not much of a drinker myself, I was nonchalant about it.
We go into the store, and after a minute of searching, he finds a large bottle of the beer he's looking for. He brings the bottle up to the cashier. The cashier is already busy with someone, and oddly, my grandpa decides to stand at the end of the counter closest to the door, rather than behind the customer or next to him. Then Grandpa suddenly walks back to the spot where we found the beer to look for something else, leaving the bottle behind. I sense the cashier finds this a little unnerving. I grab the bottle, and I flash him one of those looks I hope he reads as "sorry, he's kind of weird."
I walk over to my grandpa, and he says that he's now looking for a set of smaller bottles of the same kind of beer. I point it out for him, and we walk back to the cashier. There's a woman being helped this time, so we have to wait for a bit. To my dismay, Grandpa brings up the subject of drinking in college (I start next year). He's talking kind of loudly, and in the back of my mind I'm thinking, "great, I wonder what's going to happen when we reach the cashier."
We get to the front of the line, and the cashier is ringing up the booze. Suddenly, he asks me for my ID.
"Who, me?" I say.
"Yes," says the cashier.
"Alright," I say, digging my driver's license out of my wallet, "but it's not like I'm planning on drinking this stuff." Of course, I know he's not going to be convinced by me saying that, but I give it a shot anyway.
He checks my ID and says, "Sorry, I don't think I can sell to you guys."
"What?!" cries Grandpa. "Why? Because he's 18?"
"Yes, I don't feel comfortable selling it to you guys," says the cashier.
My grandpa goes into "OMGWTFBOOZE" mode, yelling at the cashier for being unreasonable. The cashier continues to stand by his decision. Grandpa asks if he could buy the beer if I left the store. "No," says the cashier, "and I wouldn't sell it to you if come back later, either."
I decide to intervene on behalf of the cashier, and I say to Grandpa, "He's got reason to be suspicious of us, Grandpa. Let's just go."
My grandpa gives up, but bizarrely, the cashier tells us where the next nearest liquor store is. We drive there, and Grandpa buys his beer while I wait in the car.

On one hand, my grandpa's odd and aggressive behavior gave plenty of reason for the cashier to deny us service. On the other hand, the cashier was acting more out of paranoia than anything; he probably would have sold us the beer if I was five or ten years younger. What's the consensus here?
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