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There are 2 in my town. One I usually go to, and one that's closer to my house. I won't be going to the closer one anymore.

I understand having friends come see you at work, on your break, whatever. I really do. I'm all for it because I've had those days that just never seem to end and a friend can make you feel worlds better just after a few minutes. But really, when your friend is THAT sick, please for the love of Pete, his brother Bob, and their cousin Steve, don't let him anywhere near the food. In fact don't let him touch ANYTHING. He touched that door handle about 10 times in 2 minutes, and so did the 14 other peple working there who handle the food. Sneezing inside near food and blowing your nose inside near food are also not acceptable.

Also, the other Sonic is much better run than this one. I've gone in at high noon on a friday when it's uber busy, ordered 3 meals (2 of us in the car, bringing one back to someone else still working) and gotten it quicker than it took to get my fruit smoothie out today. You had about 8 people on break munching on their food very slowly and laughing at the coworker who was still learning to roller skate, and about 5 people inside rushing around trying to get all the food made. Some of them (from what I could see) were making a good effort to keep Sick Dude away from the food and shoo him out, but he didn't seem to care.

Also, don't bitch at me for paying with a credit card. If it gave me the option to tip with that form of payment, chances are, I'd tip you if you deserved a tip. But when I don't have cash and I just want a freaking fruit smoothie, and I'm parked right next to the door on a nice day, don't complain because I didn't tip you 90c. (When we have large orders and/or the weather is bad here, we always try to tip, good amounts to, because that has to suck bringing our food out in the crazy wind we get here).

And when I ask for a refund because I see Sick Dude sneezing on everything, don't tell me he's not contagious. He looks absolutly miserable and I don't want to take the chance. And you shouldn't subject everyone else here to the same risk. I miss enough days out of the year from being sick. I don't need it around finals either, and I'm sure that a lot of others would agree.


Also, quick question about ebay service. I don't shop or sell on ebay a lot, but I have used it in the passed for various things. Whenever I sell items I try to let the buyer know what I'm doing and when with the shipping. It's rare that I get a seller who informs me of ANYTHING with the shipping. I get invoices saying "Pay now" and then nothing about when the item will be shipped, if it has been shipped, or anything along those lines. Does this bug anyone else, or do I just get random lazy sellers?
Note:I don't expect every seller to be like me, keeping me informed every step of the way, but a little more communication would be nice.
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