mildlydisturbed (mildlydisturbed) wrote in bad_service,

2 days, 2 subways, 2 bad service

Yesterday, Franklin Tennessee Subway.

I know you're in training, and I can see you're a bit short for the counter, but man, have some boob awareness and quit squishing my sandwich with your now mustard-covered right boob...

And manager type person, you were there, that's the point where you say to the customer "whoops, let's make you another sandwich" instead of checking the current sandwich for shirt fuzz and tossing a couple of lettuce leaves off.

Due to about 6 billion people now behind me, I decide to let it go as all the boob-splattered veggies were pretty much gone at that point.  I pick off a few more and enjoy my unclean shirted sandwich.

Today, Nashville area Subway

I knew things were not looking good for me when I pull up and the one guy there who makes a good sandwich was walking out at a fast pace.  I tell the lady there my order, and she's looking over my right shoulder and really really going very slowly.  She got out a piece of bread that must have been 8 or so inches long, it was much more than a 6 inch sub, I thought that was kind of weird.  She passes it off to the next person there who looks at the slice and decides it's too big and cuts it down to roughly 4.5 inches in front of me and I say to her "er, that's now about a 4 inch sub" and she just looks at me while putting handfull after handfull of stuff in to the point there is no chance in hell this is a sandwich, it's now a salad on a piece of bread that will never ever close.  While I am trying to tell her that this is no longer a sandwich she goes to the next customer and ignores me, while talking to the other customer rings me up at a price about $3 over what I normally pay, I get that corrected and try talking to her about the sandwich and she is now in a conversation with the next customer.  There is also now a line of 16 people behind me so I decide rather than risk their wrath, I'll just re-make the sandwich myself.  As a note, there was nobody behind me when I started.

I decide to take the sammich, take a pic of said sammich, and send it to the manager... it's not a sandwich, it's 2 handfulls of jalapenos, banana peppers, and a galon of vinegar and mustard unapetizingly positioned upon a vinegar-soaked 4 inches of bread.  The weird part is it was pretty good.

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