outcrazyophelia (outcrazyophelia) wrote in bad_service,

Lazy service

I ordered a season of Futurama from an Amazon seller who happened to live in the same state as me. I ordered on the 18th. I know that USPS is slow, but come the 24th I hadn't seen hide nor hair of my dvds so I sent an email to the seller inquiring about whether the dvds had shipped. The seller claimed to have mailed the dvds "one to two days" after the order came in. The dvds arrived this afternoon and surprise surprise, they're postmarked April 24th. Is there really any excuse for waiting six days after an order was placed to ship and lying about it to boot? The dvds are in excellent shape, but the whole shipping thing left a bad taste in my mouth.

Eta: I double checked the email and I actually sent the email on the 25th and got a response on the 26th. So despite the seller having just shipped the dvds the day before I asked about them, they decided to tell me that they had been shipped on the 19th-20th.
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