Kathleen (kimmycat) wrote in bad_service,

Bad Service from February

I've been quite busy so I never got a chance to post this.

Back in February, my sister and I ordered dinner from Kentucky Fried Chicken. Just had a random craving for it. So my sister orders it and she says 45 minute and I look at the time. 6:00 (give or take a few minutes)

Well 7:30 rolls around and we're starving but no food, no call. I tell my sister to call back and check up on the food. She comes back to me and says this shocker:

"They said we haven't ordered from them since November 2006."

I decide that I am going to deal with them now so she stands close by so I can get the proper information. I call the customer service and they ask for my phone number etc. I give it to them and they put me on hold. Finally,

"Um, you haven't ordered tonight. You haven't ordered since November."
"Yes I know your computers show that but we DID order tonight, 90 minutes ago and we have not recieved our food."
"But you haven't ordered."

I pull the phone away from my ear and ask, loud enough for him to hear,

"Are you sure you ordered."
My sister replies "YES."
I get back on the phone.

"We did order so what should we do."
"You didn't order."
"Can I please speak to your supervisor. It is nothing to do with you I just want this resolved."

Supervisor comes on and I explain.

"Okay, I do see an order here...Did you call to cancel?"
"No, Why?"
"Because I guess Samantha hit cancel instead of order..."
"So now I have to wait another 45 minutes for my food?"
"I'll give it to you half price and put it on a rush."

I agree to this since it isn't HIS fault and he takes down all my info again, my order everything and then tells me 5 - 10 minutes.

Well 30 minutes later we get the knock on the door. The guy comes in and doesn't speak very good english. He tells us cash. We tell him, no, we just got back from the U.S. and don't have Canadian money. We specifically said credit for this reason.

So he calls his supervisor and 20 minutes later we are finally rid of him.

What a nightmare. I guess that 3 hour delay we had when we ordered in November wasn't due to bad weather. Just bad service.
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