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Don't try to tell me it's the same bag except it's all croc! (Bad eBay seller!)

This is a crock of something, all right.

I needed a new laptop carrier bag. I have a Comdex briefcase, but it's Ugly. I have a different case, but it's awkward to carry and makes me look like a little girl with her mother's briefcase. So I decided to scour eBay.

I bid on and won this Targus Radiance bag. Cute, good handles, sounds and looks like there will be an interior pocket to stow accessories. And I could probably use it as an everyday tote bag, too.

This is the tote I received, only it's pink crocodile. There are no metal feet (like in that picture), and the only compartment is the padded main compartment, which does have credit card slots, pen loops, and a cell phone pocket -- but that's it. No separation for anything else I might tote. Plus, it's long and unwieldy and therefore not really good for everyday use. So NOT what I ordered. The seller is disputing it, saying that she didn't misrepresent the bag. I think not. She refuses to refund anything more than the purchase price, and she won't give me a refund until I give her a tracking number.

Personally, I think she should be refunding the purchase price, shipping to me, and return shipping, because she misrepresented the item! Pictures of the actual tote,
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Edited to add: After filing a dispute with PayPal, the seller has refunded the full price and has agreed to pay for return shipping once I send her a tracking number.
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