akarui_kibuno (akarui_kibuno) wrote in bad_service,

More annoying that BAD service, but...

Just under the cut cause it could get "gross" .

Service from the train company.

I need to get from my Friend's place to my Boyfriend's place. I miss one train, and have to wait an hour for the next one (10:50 PM) . It took me more than 15 minutes getting to the station and I was feeling really really really sick.

Now, for those in customer service, I'm sure you've had the "But my son has to goooooooooooo!" line. And you just can't let the person in, because the bathroom is for employees only.

Well, so, it's 10:50 PM and I wait a few minutes, thinking I'm going to be in deep trouble, when I notice that there's a bathroom door on the quay. I go check. You're supposed to put coins in, but I don't see any of the lights on, so I go ask the person at the desk (there are trains after 9 PM but they don't sell tickets after that so that's bad_service in itself cause the train company keeps complaining about people not buying tickets yet they're not open after that time... yeah right) if it's working.

He tells me no. So I tell him that I think I'm going to get sick and ask him if there's any place I can go. He tells me he's sorry but the only ones I'll have access to will be on the train (the bathroom on the quay is closed due to our  "plan Vigipirate" which is a security plan that's been put in place due to terrorism... hmm hmm go France, I can understand no trashcans, but no bathrooms...).

I sigh (it's not his fault, he doesn't control the whole thing... ) and wait for my train. Instead of waiting the hour, I take a train that stops at the next station and decide to take a connecting train.

And of course, that didn't work.

Now, please, Train Company, can't you have at least ONE working bathroom on EACH quay ? Maybe have it open only after 9 PM or something (I mean, had it been 3 PM, the bar next to the station would have been open so I wouldn't have cared one bit) ? AND CAN YOU PUT A NOTICE ON THE DOOR AS TO WHY IT'S CLOSED FOREVER IF IT HAS TO BE ? I mean, that sure has to get people's hopes up...

Sorry for this, but I sorta had to vent. They need to have at least ONE per quay. Sure, there are lots of stations, but when you have no choice other than taking the train, there are traits of yourself you can't suppress, like being human for example ¬_¬ .


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