ozmosiselaine (ozmosiselaine) wrote in bad_service,

I do not know if this is more Bad Service or Bad WTF roflmao

Last night it was determined that my family wanted Pizza for dinner.  We decided for once we might like to try ordering from our local Papa Johns.  Ok, we do not order from them hardly ever due to the fact that it takes them about an hour and a half to cook and deliver the pizza to us.  Granted, if we lived a long ways away I would understand but it is a 10 minute drive. 

Anyhoo, getting back to the wtf part.

We call, and through a brief conversation between the order taker and my husband it has become determined that if we wish to order the deal we found online we will have to call their tech support to get them to fix thier website.



I can see how this would work out

Husband:  Hi I would like to order pizza
Tech Support Dude:  Ok, you can call blah number or your local store.  We just do tech support.
Husband: I understand, I was told by the local store to call you, tell you your website is broken, to fix it, so i can order my pizza.
Tech Support Dude: Ok, I will put that into the cue, do you expect your pizza some time this week, this could take awhile......

On a side note I would like to mention that we were not confused at all about the possibilty of them suggesting we contact thier hotline to order pizza, or ordering the pizza online.  It was actually suggested that we call thier tech support to tell them they had an issue.


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