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wal mart

was at wal mart with dad who was interested in buying a new bike so we could go biking in summer. well after he looks for about ten minutes he finds the bike he wants but its high up. i head to lay away and ask the woman to please page someone to help us get it down. about fifteen minutes later i go back to the woman and ask her to please page again. about another ten or so minutes go by and dad is getting impatient and upset which takes a while. we finally decide to get the bike ourselves, not an easy task for a 5'11 man and a 5' girl. so we get it down and dad tests it out, finds that its been assembled poorly and we check other bikes (all have some assembly glitch) so after ten minutes of checking we see somebody going near lawn and garden. screw paging at this point we ask him to see if they have any more of bike x in the back. they don't have any assembled but can get dad one "in a box and assemble in store MONDAY" this was sunday so not only were we annoyed at waiting for about half an hour only to be told to come back tomorrow dad was annoyed. though the employee did apologize it was after he had checked the back room which at this point was about forty five minutes after we first requested help. we just gave him a small "it would have been better if you apologized when you arrived fifteen minutes ago. it was mostly the wait for someone to come help us but being told to come back later sucked too because it was a twenty minute drive there and that was the closest wal mart to his house. oh well now if need help at wal mart i'll just bring at least two taller friends, just in case.

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