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In reference to this post I made a few days ago:

I got my game today!!!!!!!

I waited all weekend and up until last night. I never got a tracking number for the new shipment. I never heard from Fed Ex, which means they never found my first package. I got online and printed out the last e-mail from Fed Ex, the tracking info, and the order receipt from Circuit City. I wrote down the information given to me by the guy from Fed Ex and from the woman in customer service over at Circuit City. My husband took it to work with him today.....

He showed everything to his supervisor and asked what he should do about it. D, his supervisor, was happy to look into it. Guess what!!!!! The person I talked to at Circuit City put it in as a CALL. Not a complaint about a package that wasn't received, just a plain old CALL. She didn't put it in the system for them to resend my package. Grrr!!! D wanted to know who I spoke to, but she never gave me her name. He was pissed. He's going to look in the system and see if he can find out who I spoke to. He's also going to put it in as a complaint. He said that this has happened to him before when he's ordered stuff online from Circuit City. He got a $50 gift card. He said the same would probably happen for me. :)

So..after they went through all that, D sent my husband to see R. R is the supervisor over in the area that handles online orders. Guess what R did? He gave my husband my game!!!!!!! He said there was no way he was going to ship it again. He put it in the guard shack so the hubby could bring it home!!

He also confirmed what my cousin said. He said that it shouldn't have left the area to begin with. It should have went to the Fed Ex in Marion and then got on a delivery truck to come to my house. So, yes, bad service on Fed Ex, bad service on Circuit City's 1-800 customer service line, but AWESOME service by Circuit City Distribution Center.

Now I'm in the middle of making cupcakes for D and R since they got me my game!!

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