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hi ... i'm new ... and i need opinions ... i'm considering sending, what is for me, a lot of cash to these people, and i'm not really liking our current interactions ...

oh ... crossposted to my journal, too ...

ok. what would you do ... ? i'm ... not gonna say anything, just the facts, ma'am.

email #1: me to them ... the initial inquiry ...

Hi ... !

I'm interested in purchasing one of your ...

Archos AV-380 w/DVR100 (500570)

... packages, as advertised for $699 on your website.

I'm an Australian, living and working in South Korea -- in Gumi-city, Kyungpook province, specifically.

Could you please let me know that total cost required to ship this product to me, over here? And could you also include in your email the price a US/Asia AC adaptor plug, and a CompactFlash card reader for the unit?

Look forward to your email.

email #2: them to me ... Leon lives.

Dear valued customer.

Thank you for your recent enquiry.

Your total "shipping" charges by federal express is 110.00

please also note that wire transfer is the only type of payment accepted.

International credit card are not acceptable.

If you wish to proceed you will find our bank info,address,account # on our web site.

Please go to www.shopharmony.com and click on "international order" on the let hand side .

The shipping charges "quoted" will be in U.S.$

All products will ship by federal express.

If there are any other questions please Email us.



ok ... form letter, i'm thinking ... nice little bit of sucking up in the 'valued customer' title ... because ... damn straight i'm value. GOOD value, baby.

but yeah ... if you've got a form letter ... ? let's try and make sure it hasn't got typos in it, huh people ... ? also ... yelling at me, at the end ... ? yeah. not pretty.


email #3: me to them ... extraction of previously requested information ...

Hi Leon ...

Can you let me know a price on a US/Asia AC adaptor, and the CompactFlash Card Reader for the Archos as well, please ... ?

Many thanks ... :)

see how nice i am ... ? even though he yelled at me, i'm still nice ... i even gave him a smiley ... !


email #4: them to me ... Leon's still alive ...

READER 49.99


ok. gave me the information ... still seeming rather like an automaton. hello ... ? show me some lovin', Leon ... you ratbastard.

email #5: me to Leon ... i'd actually sent another one in here, asking about an International Warranty ... and then, while reading reviews of Harmony Computers, i thought of something else i should ask ... soooooo ...

Hi again, Leon ...

Can you also confirm for me that you have the AV380 and CompactFlash card reader in stock? Also, let me know about the International Warranty.

Thanks, Leon. If everything goes as hoped, I will place an order on Monday.

see ... ? still sweetness and light Rak ... because that's just the kind of kitten i am ...

here's the response i just received.

email #6: Leon to me ... nothin' but the facts.



ok. first up ... 'available' ... ? well, hell. i KNOW they're available ... they're available world wide ... but what i ASKED was whether your company specifically had them in stock ... ok, perhaps i'm being pedantic ... but i would've felt a lot more comfortable if he'd said 'in stock', and not 'available' ...

secondly ... hello ... ? did i not ask about an International Warranty in there ... ? why, i believe i did. and ... well ... hello ... you just didn't answer my question ... that's really not aiding your cause here, Leon baby ...

so ... where am i ... ? what would you do ... ? there's no Klondike Bars available ... but ... what do you think ... ?


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