ratatusk (ratatusk) wrote in bad_service,

This wasn't bad service, it was more of a miffed, "Okay, fine, be that way" kind of service. And it wasn't even really service since I was applying for a job.

I apply for a job online, and get a call on Thursday for it. I missed the call, and didn't get the message until late that night. Then it was Good Friday -> weekend -> Easter Monday. I tried calling back to leave a message, but the phone just rang a couple of time and then I got the automated "You have reached blah blah company. Press one for blah blah." etc. I thought that maybe it was a personal line that put you through to the main answering system if someone didn't pick up.

On Tuesday I get a call from the same lady, which I yet again missed but this time by mere seconds. I listen to the message, which says the exact same thing. "Hi...interview...blah blah blah...You can reach me at 555-5555." Same thing as she said last time. I call the number, and no it's not a personal line, it's just the company line. I have no idea how to reach this lady. There's no option to get a directory of people to talk to, so I fiddle around with options, having to hang up a couple times, and finally just pick Human Resources. I reach someone else and ask after Nancy. Apparently the person I'd reached was a part of hiring process too, and she set up my interview and whatnot. Throughout the entire thing, I never got to the person I was originally trying to leave a message for.

I'm a little annoyed at this point, and not really sure why someone would tell me to call them back and then not leave directions as to how to reach them.

So the night before my interview comes, and I get a call from my parents. They were visiting my grandma in a town two hours north of here. They lost their car keys. My brother goes to a boarding school another three hours beyond Lacombe (where my grandma lives) and they need to get up there to go to drop my brother off. So I have to drive their car keys to them in the morning, which means I'd miss my interview. I call up the lady I talked to, and apologise profusely. I tell her that I have a family emergency and need to reschedule my interview, and that I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. I tell her when I'm available for the next week and leave my number.

Never to hear back from her again.

At that point I just said, "Screw it, I don't want to work for someone who doesn't appear to care".

C'est la vie.
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