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An update to this post. (Different username, sorry if that's confusing).

So since then, we've been meeting every week as planned, but she took 10 points off my paper because she "would have picked a different subject to write on."

Just a brief note, her job as 'trainer' is to make sure we're devoting our best efforts to our classes. Not nitpick about what we write about (so long as it's within the guidelines).

I got sick during Spring Break, and stayed sick (with pneumonia and then pink eye) for 3 weeks after SB. I emailed her during SB to let her know my doc recommended not going on campus until I was better. No reply, so I figure it's SB she's probably got plans, and text her when classes start up again. No reply. Another email, another text, another email, another text, another email and another text within the next 7 days. Still no reply. So I finally decided that stressing isn't helping pneumonia and I need to just stay in bed for a week.

Yay it works the pneumonia is gone but look at this, I now have pink eye (from visiting the little kiddies at my former job the day I was feeling better). I check my email and there's still nothing from her. So I contact the proffessor in charge of the class, who forwards the email to someone else, who copies the email to me and sends one to my trainer saying "Get in touch with them before the next class". Nope. Doesn't happen. So I email the first prof again who says she emailed my trainer herself and she should be in touch shortly.

Yup, two days later I get a grumpy email from her saying "I know you contacted Dr. ____ about not contacting you. I haven't gotten any emails from you so don't think you're getting credit for the classes you missed. I'll see you Tuesday, unless you want to fail completely".

The last line isn't word for word but that's basically what she said. "Class" is tomorrow and I'm soooooo [not] looking forward to her lovely attitude. If she doesn't allow me to make up at least some of what I missed I will be contacting the prof. again. I don't like being a tattle tail but I'm not letting her lousy attitude ruin my gpa for this semester.
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