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Resolution Center

This company called my parents last week and said that they were calling from Card Member Services, which is a company that handles one of my parents credit cards. The spoke with my Mom, and had woken her from a sound sleep (she works 3rd shift, and hadn't shut off the phone in the bedroom that day, for whatever reason).

They tell her about this program, where if she pays them $779, they will get the rates on all her credit cards reduced, etc etc etc. Mom agrees to it, gives them her credit card information, and goes back to sleep. They get the info in the mail a few days later, Dad asks me to look at it because it's fishy, even to him.

I look at it, and alarm bells are going off. I do some research on the company and find that they have had 11 complaints filed with the BBB in less than 3 months. I talk with my parents, we draft a letter stating that we want to cancel. We call their bank to block it, but the charge has already cleared. Card Member Services tells us to fill out a dispute form and once they have that, they can reverse the charges. We call and tell them that we want to cancel. They say that they will have to have their refund manager call us.

Refund manager calls us today, and says that they have my Mom on tape agreeing to everything, and that they won't be refunding the money as there are no red-flags on their end. She (umm... I, since she told me to be her for the conversation as she didn't want to deal with them), snapped at him, as he refused to let me finish a sentence and kept talking over me. He also tried to compare their business to McDonalds, saying that all companies have complaints with the BBB, and that if I checked the credit card companies out, they have complaints too (which they do... but theirs have all been resolved! only one of theirs has!). He ended up hanging up on me after telling me that we'd have a callback from them on Monday. Mom already knows to not answer the house phone on Monday.

I'm just so upset by all this! Yes, my parents are in debt up to their eyeballs... But they don't have to PAY someone to get them out of it! We've figured out a way to get things taken care of without having to resort to them doing that (transferring one of their 21.9% cards to one of my cards with a rate of 4.99%, and then I pay that card payment instead of rent, since I'm living with them right now, and borrowing from their retirement - as much as I wish they weren't doing that).

My parents are going to contact the attorney general on Monday about all this as well. Mom would normally NEVER do anything like this. They just called at the "right" time... for them. *sigh*

EDITED TO ADD:Resolution Center is the name of the company that called my parents. When Mom spoke with the representatives, they introduced themselves as "Jane Doe with Card Member Services," which was misleading. We didn't know that they were not actually my parents credit card company until we got the paperwork in the mail.

The guy I spoke with hung up on me as soon as he'd said we'd have a callback on Monday, not giving me a chance to tell him that I (my Mom) wouldn't be available until later in the day on Monday, due to working 3rd shift and sleeping during the day.

I think that a refund is due to my parents because they misrepresented themselves as being Card Member Services, when they have NO association with CMS at all. The paperwork we received also stated that there was a 7-day rescission period, which we were within (and still are, because of when Mom signed for the package).

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