Comedic Tragedy (drama_) wrote in bad_service,
Comedic Tragedy

Best Buy Yet Again...

Well, not exactly them, but Retail Services, their credit card company. Not horrible service, but more stupid than anything.

I moved last fall, filed a change of address, and changed my address on my bills one by one as they were redirected the first month. On the Best Buy statement, I checked the "change of address/phone number" box on the front and wrote my new address on the back as directed. Easy enough, right? No.

The next month, the Best Buy bill shows up with a post office change of address label on it. It was sent to the old house. Mistakes happen,  no big deal. I check the box and fill out the form again. Next month, same deal. This goes on for a good five months, which I honestly should have found another way to stop but I kept forgetting about it until the bill showed up, always redirected. It also starts showing up later and later, until I start getting the statements at least a week after the bill is due. Finally, I decide to do something about it.

I signed up for their online bill pay and used it to change the address on my account. I get an email confirmation and all is well. A little less than a month later, I get a letter from them also confirming that I changed my address.  The thing is that they sent it almost three weeks ago. They sent it to the old address...To let me know that this was no longer my address. Brilliant!

Meanwhile, I still haven't got my statement for the month and the bill was due three days ago (I remembered it and paid online). Ten bucks says it's at the wrong house.

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