Mona Lisa (solastsummer66) wrote in bad_service,
Mona Lisa

bad tv

In September 2006 my fiance & I bought a 56in JVC TV that came w/ a 1 year warranty. A month later in November these transparent, dark spots showed up in the left hand corner of the TV. You can still watch TV no problem, but its just these annoying little spots in the corner. The JVC website pointed us towards a "JVC Ceritified" repair store & we called them to come check it out. These 2 guys just looked like big dumb idiots, and when they looked at the spots all they had to say was "Hmm... I haven't seen that before... We'll call you guys and tell you what we have to do next". They didn't call for over a week so we called them - they said they figured out what the problem was & we just need a new part that they ordered.

A couple weeks later, nothing happened. We call... "The part is backordered". We ask if there is an ETA they can give us, and NO is basically the answer. This went off and on for 4 months. We'd call every 2 or 3 weeks & get the same story. We finally got the NAME of the part that they said we needed, but still "Its backordered". We're both in college so we don't have enough time to harass these dumbasses all day, but after a while I FINALLY got my finace to just forget about this place & just start over w/ a different repairshop. It was obvious these guys weren't going to do anything, who knows if they were even planning to from the beginning.

We called the new shop & explained our problem. Within an hour they called us and said it was a common problem they've been dealing w/ on these TV models & that its most likely DUST THAT FELL ONTO THE PROJECTOR. It can be fixed by CLEANING OFF THE PROJECTOR. We were like WOW what a waste of time (but no $$ since its under warranty) w/ that other place. So these new people came out, opened up the TV & showed us how to clean the dust in case it ever happens again. My finace started telling the repairman our whole story & before we even finished he knew which shop we were talking about.

I'm going to file a complaint w/ the BBB but I'm sure this place already has a few w/ the rep its obviously has. I don't know if they figured we didn't matter b/c we're younger, or b/c we had a warranty so we wouldn't be paying them, or what... but at least someone could fix it (easily) in the end.
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