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It was a McDonalds, but REALLY now...

Hey all, I'm new *waves*

I joined this community for the express purpose of telling you of my terrible McDonald's experience.

It was on the day of the Oscars, and I wanted to get home in time to watch LotR get everything, but that's beside the point.

I walk in with the intention of buying a chicken bacon ranch salad and a big mac meal. I was the only customer there, the place was empty. I stand at the counter, and after a good 30 seconds, a guy named Mike says "Can I help you?" I say "Yes, I'd like a bacon-ranch salad and a big mac meal with a hi-c". He stares at the register, looking a little befuddled, and slowly starts pressing buttons. I get the impression that he's new, so I decided to be extra nice to him because he looked confused. He puts in the order, and I give him my money (A $20), and he realizes that he has no drawer. So he has to go find the manager and get her to give me my change. My change was given back in all ones (which I hate, but it happens, people run out of money, so I don't mind). It took about 5 minutes for me to get my change, and instead of starting to get my order together, Mike just stands there looking at his manager getting a drawer. So finally, I get my change, and he turns to get my order. He looks at the computer with my order, and then turns to me and says "What kind of salad did you want?" I said "Bacon Ranch." He takes a salad out, puts it in the bag, and then turns to me and says "What kind of salad dressing do you want?"


Bacon ranch salad?? I said "Er...Ranch". He looks down at the salad dressings and says "Um, we're out of ranch dressing." Okay, I'm kind of anal about my salads, and if I can't have a certain salad dressing, I won't get the salad. With me, the salad dressing MAKES the salad. And with the McDonalds salad, I ALWAYS get the ranch. I don't like any other kind. But I figure, eh, he's new, I'll live. So I said Caeser. He gets the dressing, and puts the salad, dressing, utensils, and croutons in a bag. He gives me that, and then goes to get my Big Mac meal. He puts the Big Mac and the fries in a bag, gives me it, and says "Have a nice day". I was a little pissed, because I had been there for about 15 minutes at that point, so I didn't answer. I walk out, and I'm halfway to my car when I realize he didn't give me a drink!!

So I walk back in, and say "Excuse me, but I didn't get a drink." He says "Oh," and hands me a cup. I go over, fill it up, and leave.

I get home, and I'm pissed, because I was really craving a bacon ranch salad all day, and you know how it is. When you're craving something, nothing else will do.

So I get home, and go to make the best of my salad, even though it has Caeser dressing. I open the bag, take out the salad, and open it.


I yelled at the wall for that. I was SO angry. So I was charged for a chicken bacon ranch salad, and didn't get chicken OR ranch? Since the chicken is what makes it so expensive, I should have technically been charged for just a side salad! I wanted to go back in and complain, but I haven't.

Apparently, though, this mike kid isn't new, either.

Ugh. I love my chicken bacon ranch salads from McDonalds. Writing this post has made me crave one!

Well, that's my story. I mean, I work a really sucky job as a cashier, so I KNOW that jobs like that suck, but I cannot STAND stupid people.

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