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Best Buy Employee Idiot

...Yes, I wanted to preorder the PC version of this game. It is a very popular PC title. Yes, it's also available for X-Box. I'm in need of caffeine, I'm sorry I didn't mention that. I assumed you'd bring options for both.

You can't preorder for PC games? Despite me having done it before? ....fine.

It's fine. I'll preorder it somewhere else, it's okay.

That wasn't what pissed me off.

I don't CARE what kind of X-Box fanboi you are, do NOT look at me as if I were a pile of garbage when I repeatedly insist that the PC version is what I want. I said I didn't want the X-Box version. I meant it. I don't own one. Don't mutter things under your breath about what a stupid airhead I am and how girls don't know anything. I'm a girl, yes. And I could bloody smoke you with my PC.

Don't like it? Bite me. I should have reported you, but you weren't worth my time.

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