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Turn My Lips Blue

Parramatta Chest Clinic Woes.

I am a nursing student, who recently transferred from my old University to a much newer/brighter/shinier one. As part of my nursing degree, I am required to do clinical placements, whereby I go onto a ward and practice bed making/ toileting/showering/feeding/medications etc. To do this however, I need several immunisations; hepatitis A & B, tetanus, diptheria, measles, rubella etc as well as getting a tuberculosis test, which is known as a Mantoux Test.

The immunisations are not a problem as I'm completely up to date with all immunisations. I also had a Mantoux test when I did clinical placements at my old University. I had my last Mantoux Test in May, 2005.

For the sake of safety though I went to go check if that was recent enough, as I would not be able to go on clinical otherwise. I could not find the policy online at the NSW Health site and my University was not exactly clear about it, so I went to Parramatta Chest Clinic to make sure.

1. What's In A Name?
When I arrived, the receptionist looked up my name on the computer. Now, my last name is a very common last Dutch name, consisting of two words, the 1st of which is de. I told the lady my last name and spell it out to her, but no she types first part of my last name in as da. I can see her do this on the computer screen and correct, but she simply snaps "I know" at me and doesn't bother changing the da to a de. Guess what? She can't find my records. I tell her my last name again and she snaps at me again. Finally, she she belives me and types my last name in properly and pulls up my record. Success

Of course, she can't understand my result so she calls to the only RN on duty, who again snaps at me. She reads my results and tells me I need another Mantoux test, otherwise I cannot go on clinical. Oh, and they're not doing ANY Mantoux testing until the 26th of March. I go on clinical on the 23rd of March. Crap. I ask her if it would be ok if it would be ok if it was under two years (i.e get it done on the 26th). She glares at me and snaps "Didn't you just hear what I said? You need it done and you can't go on clinical".

So the next day, I physically call EVERY HOSPITAL IN SYDNEY THAT DOES THE TESTING; Prince of Wales, RNSH, SAH, Sydney Hospital, RPA, Concord, Manly, Nepean Hornsby and no one can fit me in until May. I am crying, absolutely scared that I'm not going to be able to go on clinical and thus, fail my course. However, I then called Horsnby, who does clinical placements with students from my Uni. The nice lady on the phone (seriously, she was amazing) tells me that no, my Mantoux test is fine they don't turn away students from my Uni for having a Mantoux test done in the last few years.

I then find out that you only need a Mantoux Test EVERY FIVE YEARS

I will never understand what the Parramatta Chest clinic's problem was. Not only were they rude and snappy but they either lied or were totally ignorant of a New South Wales Health Policy. That would be ok if they were say.... a music shop, but THEY ARE A HEALTH FACILITY!! They specialise in Mantoux testing but don't even know the GOVERNMENT POLICY.

Sorry if it's a bit long. Oh and the reason I didn't check my Mantoux status earlier? I had surgery in the middle of February and barely left the house for six weeks afterwards because I had two infections.
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