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I understand that the employees of Kinkos might not be trained on each and every printing technique known to man. I also understand that I get what I pay for, and prints are fairly cheap through them.

But what I don't understand is how someone could mess up one of the easiest jobs that I can think of. One file (.PDF format) that is exactly 12" x 9" that needs to be printed in color. That is all I wanted. I even made extra copies just in case I messed it up when I cut and mounted it.

So when I go to cut and mount my print this morning, and I measure the thing to center it, I was wonderfully surprised to find that my 12" x 9" document is now 11" x 8 1/4"

I am going to start my own copy business, and our motto will be "We're not Kinkos" and I think I will be able to retire in 10 years.

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