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Argh! Managers suck.

I am so mad right now and ridiculously hot and sweaty (this comes into play, I promise).

I live in a small town where pretty much everyone knows everyone. You can't walk around or even drive around without every person you drive/walk by waving at you. With this being said, when you see the manager of your apartment building all over town after something like this, it makes you want to push their head into a pole.

We have lived in our apartment since Aug 2006, our rent is $400. Heat included. When someone tells me heat included, this usually means I have control over the heat.... right?

In december, my fiancee was working up north and therefore was gone for 31 days straight, I was left alone and usually stayed holed up in the house working and whatnot. One morning I woke up and realized it was REALLY freaking cold. I bundled up and checked the heater... no heat. Hmm. Okay, I gave it a couple hours to see if maybe they were working on it - which they have a stupid habit of doing without giving anyone ANY notice (another rant all together). Finally at 10am I couldn't do it anymore, it was so cold in our apartment that even my cat was shivering. Later we would discover it was over -20 inside our apartment.

I called the manager and said very nicely that I think the heat in my apartment is broken. A little while later G (the woman manager, B is the husband) came over and went "gee it's cold in here". No SHIT.

She sends over B who then spends 5 hours ripping up my house, he took apart the register, ripped up my carpet in my bedroom and in my living room and then discovered - the pipes were frozen! Oh.. fantastic. He then tried to blame me for turning off the heat. Well, it was not cold last night infact we were too hot and turned off the heat. Again, our fault.

HOWEVER. He later slipped up and mentioned that before we moved in the year prior, the person who had lived in the apartment before us had left the windows open when he went away for a vacation, thus.. the pipes froze. When they were replaced, whoever did them did NOT insulate the pipes... I know, because I saw it. A lone pipe running directly in front of our balcony door in a box of wood. That was it. Nothing else.

I fought it and said no, it's not my fault they froze. I moved from the coast, our pipes don't freeze there. Had they have been insulated properly this shouldn't have happened!

He then proceeded to leave a pool of antifreeze in front of the register.. and my cat was running around ;(

Finally we just agreed to disagree and he fixed the heat, happy was I. Until about a month ago when I realized it was too hot in our apartment and I wanted to turn off the heat. Well.. the register won't go past 2. Meaning.. I can't turn off the heat. He broke it into the on position. I sighed and just left it alone and opened the window for the time being.

A week later it was just way to hot. I was sweating at night and couldn't sleep. I caught him in the hallway and said, my heat is broken into the on position, can you turn it off.


Excuse me?

"I'm not risking the pipes freezing again!"

IT'S MARCH! It's NOT going to get that cold again!

"Not doing it, open a window"

I flipped out. I told him outright it was making me sick. If I open the window I wake up freezing in the middle of the night, if I keep it closed then I wake up sweating. It's disrupting my work since I usually sleep during the day and COULDN'T because it was too hot.

To this day, he's not bothered to fix it. It's now April, quite toasty warm and sunny outside and my house is so hot that I can't breath half the time. Opening the window works for about 10 minutes until it gets TOO cold inside. As soon as you close it.. well it gets ridiculously hot again!

My father in law is so mad about this that he's waiting until he sees our manager around town to tell him that if he doesn't turn it off, that he is going to. We've asked more than once for it to be fixed now and we are just ignored. It's not our fault he broke it into the on position!

Oh.. and finally? I also found out that when HE decides it's hot enough outside, he turns off the furnace. So.. you have no control over the heat in the winter and no control over the heat in the summer. Nice huh?

Apparently this isn't out of the norm for these people. They don't run the building fairly and will do everything possible to not have to call someone in to fix things. I can understand wanting to save money, but YOU BROKE IT, not me!

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