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We went out to eat last night at a very pricey restaurant. Our party was 6 people (mom, her husband, my brother, sister, me, and my boyfriend) and apparently they used to have an early bird special that costed like 7 dollars. My mom called ahead to make sure they still had it till 7. They said no, they only offered it until 6, but they would make an exception.

So we get there and she doesn't even give us a menu. The rest of our party shows up and my mom asks the waitress how much the special costs, and she seems confused and says 'uh, let me go ask'. She comes back and tells us it is 15.99. My mom seems surprised and comments on how expensive it is and the waitress says 'you are lucky to be getting it at all!'

Our service the rest of the night is slow and not that polite (The place was absolutely dead.) When my boyfriend went up front to ask her to split the check, he came back and said they were giggling about something and got all quiet when he walked up (??)

We tipped 15% and I'm sure my mom's husband tipped somewhere around 20%. The tickets together came out to be around 95 dollars. Now, I would expect EXCEPTIONAL customer service from a waitress when there is hardly anyone else in the restaurant and we are obviously going to be a huge ticket.

And here is the kicker: We were walking out and they have a menu posted on the wall and my boyfriend leans over and says 'they have salmon today for 7 dollars'. No wonder they didn't give us a menu.

Needless to say, we won't eat there again and I am seriously considering writing a letter to the owners.
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